Dear Reader,

I am proud to present you the 2016 Edition of the Research Report of our Faculty. As in previous years, this report has been compiled and edited by Master students of our Faculty as part of their introductory training course “Introduction to the Scientific Community”. My warmest thanks to them and all other contributors to this project!
The report highlights the many achievements of members of our Faculty. You can read about the latest research results of the individual research groups, but you also get an impression about the total research output by browsing through the 15+ pages of publications from our Faculty members at the end of this report. Finally, it is people, not papers or numbers that make the difference, and you can therefore find the names of all 81 of our 2016 PhD graduates as well as the topics of their theses in this report. It is an amazing variety, which nicely mirrors the diversity of the research topics described before in this report.

I hope you enjoy reading!

Nils Metzler-Nolte
Dean of the Faculty

Research report and publications 2016

Another year has passed, in which the scientific work groups at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum have again accomplished a lot. This report highlights the diversity of research performed in the year 2016.
In this year, the report has been organized again by the participants of the internship “Introduction to the Scientific Community” (ITSC). Master students have been in contact with the principle investigators of the faculty, collecting the highlights and assembling them to this report. This was a valuable experience for all students involved within this project, initiating knowledge exchange between students and researchers. In addition, it has helped us to improve many important secondary skills such as organization, communication, group work, leadership, scientific publication editing, and many others.
For more information on the scientific content of this volume, you are welcome to contact the research groups directly by following the links, email addresses or telephone numbers provided in the research highlights.

We hope you enjoy the reading.

With the best wishes,
Faculty Report Team of the ITSC internship 2016/17
Ilja Rodstein, Martin Wilken, Nils Boysen, Patrick Marx, Daniel Obitz

Forschungsbericht der Fakultät und Veröffentlichungen / Research report and publications (3,7 MB)

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