Before you can apply for admission to the doctorate you have to find a supervisor with whom you agreed on a research project. You can check the web page of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry (Chairs & Researchgroups) and the Research Profile page to see which research groups cooperate with the Graduate School.

Academic Requirements

Admission to the doctorate is granted on meeting the following conditions:

  1. proof of completion of a relevant university degree with a prescribed study duration of at least eight semesters for which a degree other than "Bachelor" was awarded, or
  2. proof of completion of a relevant higher education degree (e.g. a Bachelor degree) with a prescribed study duration of at least six semesters as well as subsequently completed and appropriate doctorate-preparing studies in the study field of the doctorate, or
  3. proof of completion of a Master degree in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular sciences and simulation, or other natural sciences and related engineering fields.

The admission to the doctorate depends on the completion of a qualifying degree. Admission according to A) and C) requires a degree equivalent to the grade "good" (2.0) in the German educational system or better, admission according to B) requires a grade equivalent to "very good" (1.5) or better for the degree and the doctorate-preparing studies. For further details and possible exceptions see the doctorate regulations or contact the office of the Graduate School.

Language Requirements

Admission to the doctorate requires a good knowlege of the english language equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This can be demonstrated by a school exam (e.g. Abiturzeugnis), a degree from an english Bachelor or Master programme, or an officially recognised language test.

The following guidelines for selected countries indicate the typical level of requirements for applicants:

India: First class Master degree (70%) including a research thesis
Pakistan: MSc, ideally MPhil
China: Master of Science, official certificate of the Akademische Prüfstelle ( at the German embassy in Bejing

The application for admission to the doctorate must contain the following documents

  1. the completed and signed form "Acceptance as a Doctoral Candidate"
  2. a curriculum vitae containing information on past education,
  3. School Leaving Certificate (High School and other equivalent degrees) which grants admission to a university study course,
  4. a Diploma which grants admission to a German institution of higher learning or other higher education entrance qualification,
  5. a signed Supervision Agreement (use the form "Agreement on Doctorate Supervision").