Thesis Submission


The doctoral examination proceedings can be initiated on completion of the disssertation if the research course study programme has been completed. Please check your Co.urse Completion Form.

If the research project and the disseration have been completed before the end of the second year of the research studies the number of achievement certificates for (d) "Literature and Methodology Seminars" and (e) "Doctoral Research Seminars and Conferences" can be reduced upon application.

Initiation of the doctoral procedure

To initiate the doctoral examination proceedings the doctoral student must submit a written application to the examination office. The application must include the following documents:

  • 5 printed copies of the dissertation.
  • If admitted according to the rules from 2016: the dissertation in electronic form as a searchable full text document.
  • A signed declaration with the following content: "I hereby declare that the submitted dissertation is entirely my own work and has been composed without having received unpermitted assistance, and that no sources have been used otherwise indicated, including entirely or partially included text excerpts as well as graphs, tables and the use of analysis software. Moreover, I declare that the submitted electronic version corresponds to the printed version of the dissertation and that it, in this or similar form, has not yet been submitted and assessed as a component of doctoral performance." which will be handed out to you in the GSCB Office.
  • A declaration that digital images only contain the original data, or explicit documentation regarding the nature and scope of content-altering image editing used.
  • A written assurance that no commercial brokerage or consultancy services were used.
  • If applicable, a declaration requesting the exclusion of all university members from the oral examination (see doctorate regulations for details).
  • A signed statement on contributions to scientific publications that report results from the doctoral research studies (please use the provided template).
  • A signed statement that the candidate has not yet submitted a dissertation on the same or a similar topic as a component of doctoral performance at another university or other degree-warding institution and that no parts of the dissertation have been taken, unless otherwise indicated, from previous academic dissertations (e.g. a Master's thesis).
  • A curriculum vitae containing information on past education and academic achievement as e.g. publications and oral and poster presentations on conferences.
  • A certificate about the enrollment at RUB during the doctoral study programme.
  • The course completion form from the research course study programme.