All doctoral students at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry are automatically members of the Graduate School of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the RUB Research School. They profit from an internationl environment with professional administrative and integrative services offered to international students.

The doctorate programme with fast-track possibility for top candicates

In addition to a 3-year doctoral research programm based on an M.Sc. or Diploma the GSCB offers for candidates with an excellent B.Sc. degree to directly enter a 3+1-year fast track programme with out a preceeding M.Sc. degree, which consists of a 1-year qualifiying phase (preparatory training) and a 3-year research course of studies.

Research Course

The 3-year research course is designed for students who have obtained an above average Master degree in chemistry, biochemistry or a strongly related field. Scientific research in the laboratory is accompanied by taught elements, including an interdisciplinary lecture programme given by guest scientists and the training of generic skills in research management and scientific communication. The final thesis is defended in front of a scientific audience.

Preparatory Training

The 1-year preparatory course in the fast-track programme caters for exceptionally well-qualified students with an outstanding Bachelor degree in chemistry, biochemistry or a strongly related field. It is designed to create the necessary scientific basis for independent research studies in the 3-year research course. The curricula of the preparatory training courses in chemistry, biochemistry or molecular sciences are closely related to those of the respective Master programmes in the first year, so that most classes will be attended together with M.Sc. students.