Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Research report and publications 2015

Another year has passed in which the scientific work groups at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Ruhr-University Bochum have again accomplished a lot. This report underlines the diversity of research performed in the year 2015.

Here you can find infos about our Course programs:

Course language German
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry + x

Course language English
Master of Science in Chemistry
Master of Science in Biochemistry
Master of Science in Molecular Sciences and Simulation

Course language German
Master of Education in Chemistry + x

Graduate School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

More than 30 research groups at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as individual departments at four Max-Planck Institutes offer plenty of interdisciplinary research opportunities in a stimulating and state-of-the art research environment.

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Forschungsbericht 2015

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